I had an incredible time touring the local breweries through Sin City Brew Tours. This was part of my sister’s bachelorette party shenanigans. We started our tour off with Bad Beat Brewery. Bad Beat had a great beer called “Gut Shot”. If you like stouts give that one a try while on the tour. We also stopped at a place called Banger Brewery. They have an AMAZING beer called “Jalapeño Hef”… Yesssss… Get in my belly! It is smooth, spicy and delicious! It’s so different from any other Hef I have ever had. We hit a total of 3 breweries within Las Vegas and Henderson. This was my first brewery tour and can’t wait to come back for another one. Our Beer Ambassador Steve was such a kick in the pants and helped make our experience/ party amazing! Thank you, Sin City Brew Tours for helping make my sister’s bachelorette party weekend a ton of fun!!! Cheers! -Aimee, California-

Fun Tour! Great beer, great people, and a great time. Worth the price and plenty of good beer to drink. Tour started and ended on time. The guides were knowledgeable and created a fun atmosphere. I will do this again. -Ryan, Missouri-

Had an amazing afternoon!! Steve was a fantastic host. By the end of the tour I didn’t want to leave. We took in some great sites away from the main buzz of the Vegas strip. Out to Boulder and ending back at Fremont Street. Great beers, great Brewers and great company. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough. We booked the tour ahead of our wedding later this evening and have to say that it made a memorable day even more so!!! -Howard, United Kingdom-

We found this brew tour on a Vegas blog and it was awesome. The people aka Steve the beer ambassador was the coolest guy ever. He was friendly and kind to my mother who came along with my husband and I. The beer locations that he chose were a great experience and the beer was phenomenal. We also had Travis and Briana on our tour and they made it all the more interesting and fun. We had some real life conversation about Vegas itself and some history to go with that. They truly made us feel like friends. Can’t wait to do it again. -Diana, New Jersey-

I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this tour. I don’t really drink, but I did try some of the beers. All the breweries were excellent. Steve made it so much fun, and was so informative. It’s nice to see young people being successful! -Sam, Ohio-

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 11 years. I thought I knew everything  there was to do in this city. Last night I went to 3 great local breweries that I didn’t know existed. I had a blast! The beers were delicious and the people were awesome. Thanks for the fun evening. -Darin, Nevada-

I am unsure where to even start with this review… The tour was absolutely amazing! I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 16+ years and on this tour I went to places I never even knew existed. Our tour guide Steve was hilarious! He was knowledgeable and passionate about the breweries we visited and beers that we drank. There were so many great tasting beers that we had and everyone in the group and a blast. After the first spot everyone was high-fiving each other and laughing together as if we’ve known each other for years.  It was literally the best time ever! I highly recommend this tour to any and all beer lovers local or out of state. I look forward to taking this tour again. -Joe,Nevada-